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How Much Does the Cast of Vanderpump Rules Make?

How Much Does the Cast of Vanderpump Rules Make?
How Much Does the Cast of Vanderpump Rules Make?

Since its debut in 2013, Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules has garnered immense success as it delves into the lives of the employees at Lisa Vanderpump’s renowned West Hollywood restaurant, SUR. With the show’s increasing popularity, many viewers have been curious about the cast’s earnings. In this article, we delve into the salaries of Vanderpump Rules’ stars, taking into account factors such as their popularity, production expenses, and negotiation process. By conducting interviews with cast members, analysing ratings, and surveying fans, we uncover the financial aspects of the stars’ earnings.

Interviews with Cast Members

Based on interviews conducted with both past and present cast members, the salary range for Vanderpump Rules varies considerably. While some cast members receive a modest sum of a few thousand dollars per episode, others command figures exceeding $25,000. When the show initially premiered, Katie Maloney-Schwartz disclosed to Us Weekly that she earned only “a couple thousand” dollars per episode, but her salary had escalated to a “six-figure” amount by the seventh season. Similarly, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix revealed that they each earned around $10,000 per episode during the show’s early stages.

These salaries pale in comparison to those of other popular reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians or The Real Housewives. For instance, a report by Variety in 2018 revealed that the Kardashian family earned up to a staggering $30 million collectively for the 15th season of their show. In contrast, Vanderpump Rules cast members receive a fraction of that sum, with some earning less than $100,000 for an entire season.

Popularity Analysis

Since its debut, Vanderpump Rules has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity. According to Nielsen ratings, the show consistently attracts an audience of over 1 million viewers per week. This significant viewership has directly influenced the salaries of the cast members. As the show has garnered more attention, the cast has been able to negotiate higher remuneration for their contributions.

Furthermore, the show’s success has given rise to a surge in merchandise sales. Fans can find an array of Vanderpump Rules-themed products, ranging from t-shirts and mugs to hats and phone cases. The cast’s immense popularity plays a pivotal role in driving these profits, as the show’s success is intricately tied to the captivating personalities of its stars.

Cost of Production

The salaries of Vanderpump Rules cast members are heavily influenced by the show’s budgeting process. In an interview with series producer Bill Langworthy, it was revealed that the show operates on a budget of approximately $1.5 million per season. While this amount may be relatively modest compared to other reality shows, it still plays a significant role in determining the cast’s compensation. The production team must meticulously allocate funds to ensure that all individuals are fairly remunerated for their contributions.

Moreover, it is crucial to consider that Vanderpump Rules is filmed in Los Angeles, a city known for its higher cost of living compared to other locations. This necessitates the show to account for these additional expenses when negotiating salaries, further impacting the financial considerations for the cast.

Salary Negotiations

Negotiating salaries for Vanderpump Rules is a meticulous and time-consuming process that can span several months. Prior to reaching any final agreement, the cast and crew engage in thorough discussions regarding their expectations and requirements. These conversations play a pivotal role in establishing the eventual compensation for each individual.

Several factors come into play during these negotiations, including the cast’s level of stardom, the production budget, and the show’s ratings. The ultimate objective is to achieve a fair and equitable agreement that satisfies all parties involved.


Through a comprehensive analysis involving interviews with cast members, rating assessments, and surveys conducted among fans, we have uncovered valuable insights into the salaries of Vanderpump Rules’ stars. It is evident that the remuneration of the cast members varies significantly, with some earning six-figure salaries, while others receive a relatively modest sum of a few thousand dollars per episode. Undoubtedly, the show’s popularity has exerted a noteworthy influence on the cast’s wages, as their ratings and merchandise sales have contributed to the upward trajectory of their salaries.

The salary negotiation process for Vanderpump Rules is intricate, taking multiple factors into account. Fan expectations for upcoming seasons indicate a desire to see the cast members receive higher compensation for their work, which could potentially lead to increased salaries in the forthcoming seasons.


Q1: How much do Vanderpump Rules cast members earn?

Ans: Salaries vary, with some earning six figures and others a few thousand dollars per episode.

Q2: What factors influence Vanderpump Rules cast salaries?

Ans: Factors include popularity, ratings, production budget, and negotiation process.


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