How Much a Monkey Cost as a Pet? – considering financial and other aspects

how much does a monkey cost

Keeping monkeys as pets has always been a popular choice among individuals seeking primate companions. The concept of having a personal monkey has piqued the interest of many. These fascinating creatures come in various sizes and breeds, with certain types being more suitable for domestication than others.

However, it is crucial to fully comprehend the responsibilities associated with owning a monkey before making the decision to acquire one. Caring for a monkey demands considerable attention, effort, and a substantial financial investment.

Good or Bad of Owning a Monkey as a Pet

Similar to any other pet, there are pros and cons associated with owning a monkey. On the positive side, monkeys can offer companionship and entertainment. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that they demand a significant amount of time and energy.

While monkeys can be affectionate and amusing, they can also exhibit destructive behaviour and be challenging to manage. Before deciding, it is essential to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of owning a monkey.

Financial Idea When Buying a Monkey as a Pet

The price of owning a pet monkey can fluctuate based on its breed and size. Monkeys can be purchased for a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars. Apart from the initial purchase cost, there are recurring expenses involved in keeping a pet monkey. These expenses encompass food, shelter, veterinary care, and necessary supplies. Given that monkeys have specific dietary requirements, it is crucial to consider these expenses while planning your budget.

Common Costs Associated with Owning a Monkey Pet

The expenses associated with owning a monkey can accumulate rapidly. Alongside the initial purchase price, there are ongoing costs like food, shelter, veterinary care, and supplies to consider. Given that monkeys necessitate specialised diets and regular veterinary checkups, it is essential to include these expenses in your budget. Furthermore, monkeys require ample enrichment activities to maintain their well-being and happiness, so it is important to account for the cost of toys and other items that will keep them engaged.

Need to Know Before Deciding to Get a Monkey Pet

Prior to making the decision to have a monkey as a pet, there are several crucial factors to take into account. Monkeys demand a significant amount of time and attention, necessitating appropriate nutrition, suitable housing, and engaging enrichment activities.

Handling monkeys can prove challenging, and improper handling may lead to aggression. Thorough research is essential, including an understanding of the specific breed of monkey you are interested in, as well as its unique personality and temperament.

Tips for Find out an Affordable Monkey as a Pet

If you’re seeking a reasonably priced pet monkey, there are several steps you can take. Begin by conducting research on the various monkey types and identifying the one that aligns best with your lifestyle and budget. Next, seek out reputable breeders who specialise in monkeys, as they frequently offer discounted prices for their animals.

Another option is to consider adopting a monkey from a rescue or sanctuary. Adoption fees are typically more affordable compared to purchasing from a breeder, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your new companion has received proper care.

Before Questions to Ask Purchasing a Monkey as a Pet

When contemplating the choice of getting a monkey as a pet, it is crucial to reflect on the following inquiries:

  1. Am I ready to dedicate the required time and resources to adequately care for this animal?
  2. Do I possess the financial means to cover all the expenses related to owning a monkey?
  3. Am I prepared to take necessary measures to ensure the safety of myself and others when handling my monkey?
  4. Do I possess sufficient knowledge about the particular breed of monkey I am considering to make an informed choice?


While monkeys can be delightful pets, they do present distinctive challenges and expenses. Before making the decision to acquire a monkey, it is vital to contemplate the financial dedication required, as well as the necessary time and effort to provide proper care. Conducting research on various monkey breeds and seeking out reputable breeders or rescues can assist in finding an affordable pet monkey.


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